Today, you can easily find surplus items online and in your neighborhood military surplus stores. However, before your favorite army and navy surplus items were available to the public, they were utilized by the military, and each piece served a specific function. Here’s some history on army and navy surplus items you may not have known.

Military dog tags are incredibly popular. You’ll find all varieties of dog tags at army surplus stores, and many may even engrave them for no extra cost. However, dog tags were originally worn by soldiers to relay information such as for instance name, rank and blood type whenever they be injured or killed. The dog tags we now see at military surplus stores were once used to recognize dead soldiers who have been otherwise unrecognizable.

Men and women love navy surplus-style pea coats Vetements militaire, and you’ll see them everywhere from army surplus stores to high-end fashion boutiques. Army surplus pea coats aren’t only fashionable, but functional: they’re sturdy and warm, making them an initial choice for many in the winter. navy surplus pea coats are characterized by double breasted fronts and broad lapels, and frequently have over sized metal or wooden buttons. Military surplus pea coats were originally worn by European soldiers, and later those in the American navies. Some of the navy surplus pea coats you see at army surplus shops might even be originals.

The army and military surplus combat boots you see on shelves today are incredibly durable, but definitely convenient than their earlier counterparts. Early combat boots were calf-high versions worn by the US military in the War of 1812. These early army surplus boots had no left or right boot, shaping themselves to the wearer’s feet over time. So, the combat boots you purchase today at army surplus shops have been much improved through the years, no longer resulting in the chafing and blisters of earlier versions.

Flight jackets are another popular little bit of clothing available at many Military surplus stores. Military flight jackets come with various varieties of insignia related to the army or navy, and they’re available at both army air-force surplus stores and at fashion stores in the mall. For example, Guess Jeans has a well known version of the military flight jacket available at many stores. Fun fact: military flight jackets now available at army surplus stores were first made for pilots who rode in open cockpits in World War I, filled with thick wind flaps and many were lined with fur to help keep pilots warm and dry. The modern versions of flight jackets available at Military surplus stores, however, are constructed of more lightweight materials.

If you’re trying to find authentic army surplus gear, you can either go online or have a look at local stores that carry military gear. And, if you’re interested in the history behind the army & navy surplus items you purchase, spend time researching where they originated from – you may learn some very entertaining history about where that pair of combat boots or that navy pea coat came from.


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