It is impossible to monitor and analyze the response rates of your email marketing campaigns without proper management of your email contacts. If you don’t manage your email list properly, in that case your email addresses and fields may be blocked due to high bounce rates from your ISP which thinks that you are a spammer. On the other hand if your bounce rate is below 2%, you can run very effective email marketing campaigns. Bulk email software provides all necessary features to manage your email contacts. Here are some tips that can help to manage your email addresses effectively how to send bulk mails through gmail.

Most people type incorrect emails addresses therefore bulk email program or web mail service should be able to check the email given by the customer using opt-in procedures. You should also analyze your bounced emails since typing mistakes in email addresses can be a reason of this issue. Some people use the method of confirmation of email addresses and opt-in procedures on their websites to avoid mistakes in email addresses.

A significant amount of people change their emails addresses frequently. It will shorten your email list so you must think of following techniques to avoid this problem;

You should provide a hyperlink to update email addresses in your emails.

You must add a hyperlink to profile page in your email message by reminding your subscribers to update their information such as email addresses and other information.

Your subscribers should be able to add or manage accounts from your website. You can integrate bulk email software with your website to manage information or accounts of your subscribers on your website.

If there is multiple bounced emails for the same email address then send traditional mail or post card asking the advertiser update his or her email address for communication.

You can also use some useful features of bulk email software such as email change of address (ECOA) service to obtain new or alternate email contact from the advertiser.

You can send emails to your readers asking for updates after having a specific time period to keep their latest information in your database.

You can ask for extra email addresses. It can be used when you are getting bounced emails from the first email then extra email address can be used to continue communication.

Email address list management plays a vital role in improving efficacy of your marketing plan. This leads to better returns and higher profits.

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