Lasik is a reliable, safe, and permanent solution to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Although the goal of Lasik is to eliminate the use of glasses and contacts there are some cases where you may still need to continue wearing glasses and contacts. An example of such a case is when a patient has a very high refractive error that was not fully corrected by Lasik. Lasik has a very high success rate but it varies from person to person. You can schedule your appointment with our experienced and highly skilled surgeons for Lasik surgery in Delhi ( A proper and thorough examination of the eyes is done to determine if you are suitable for Lasik surgery or not.

Lasik uses an excimer laser to reshape your cornea for clear and stable vision. It is a painless and safe procedure to eliminate the use of glasses or contacts. You can get a clear and crisp vision at an affordable Lasik surgery cost in India (visual aids centre). The doctors usually ask to discontinue the use of contacts a few months before the Lasik procedure. This is because the contacts change the shape of the cornea which causes incorrect calculation of the amount of tissue to be removed. And the correct calculation is very important for successful Lasik surgery. If you wear glasses then make sure that your eyeglass prescription is stable for more than the past 12 months.

Is It Safe To Wear A Contact Lens After Lasik?

More than 90% of the patients have achieved 20/20 vision or at least 20/40 vision after Lasik. While perfect eyesight cannot be guaranteed because the prescription may change in the future. But it is pretty sure that you will not require the need for glasses or contacts for at least several years after Lasik. Your surgeon may suggest you wear a protective contact lens for a few days after the surgery. This lens does not correct your vision but instead protects your eyes while they heal. However, there are some conditions you may require to wear contacts again. A few such conditions where you may require the use of glasses or contacts are:

  1. Presbyopia: It is also known as aging eyes. People develop this eye condition in their mid-40s. It is a natural process so this can develop even after Lasik. So, in such a case, you may require reading glasses. Some people prefer to wear contact lenses on one eye monovision.
  2. A person who has perfect vision can wear a color contact lens to change or enhance their eye color.
  3. Under correction: It is very rare that someone needs glasses or contacts after a few weeks of Lasik. But in case of under-correction, you may still need contacts or glasses for clear vision. Also, you can go for the second round of Lasik if your corneas have enough tissues.

If you want to wear contacts after Lasik because of mild blurry vision then you can wear them. However, make sure that you avoid contacts for a few months after the surgery.



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